College Hostel

Malkangiri College Gents Hostel - The College at present provides Hostel facility for 100 ST Male students 100 SC students (Male) inside the college campus. Besides a well furnished Hostel for 100 girl students is under construction and to be completed shortly.

The bonafide Gents Students (ST & SC Communities) of     the College desirous of Hostel accomodation should have to mention in application form and apply in the prescribed performa obtainable from college office.

Hostel seats will be alloted to the bonafied students on the basis of merit-cum-poverty.

The following fees are to be paid at the time of admission into the Hostel by the selected students.
i) Admission fees, (ii) Monthly fees, (iii) Host caution money (non-refundable)


  • A student who has been admitted into the college hostel will be alloted a seat by the Supt. The Hostel is normally closed during Puja Holidays and Summer Vacation.
  • It is compulsory for the boarders to pay the monthly Hostel fee on or before the time fixed by the Principal/ Hostel Supt.
  • Results of the test exam/ annual promotion exam of the fee defaulting boarders shall be withheld if clearance certificate issued by the Hostel Supt. is not produced before the tabulation or Exam. Section.
  • Boarders shall abide by rules of Hostel prescribed from time to time. All matters pertaining to the Hostel, the decision of the Supt./ Principal shall be final.
  • Violation of the conditions & rules of the Hostel may lead to termination of the inmateship of the Hostel.
  • Hostel fees are subject to revision from time to time
  • Absence from the Hostel requires prior sanction of the    Hostel Supt.


  • Students residing in the Hostel will be considered to be under the direct control of the Supt. at all times whether they are within the premises of the Hostel or outside. Cases   of habitual or gross misconduct will be reported to the Principal who may expel an offender from the college hostel.
  • Frequent absent from the Hostel during study period will constitute a breach of discipline.
  • Boarders must in all cases obtain prior permission of the Hostel Supt. before joining or taking part in any meeting or association outside the college.
  • In case of communicable disease the Hostel authorities    may temporarly expel a student from the Hostel if the  situation warrants.
  • All lights must be extinguished at 11 pm.
  • Boarders are not permitted to take any direct action against any staff of the Hostel. All complains should be brought to the notice of the Supt.
  • No one should tamper in any manner to the electric installa-tions provided in the room or any where else in the Hostel.
  • No heater or Heavy duty electric appliances should be used by the boarder inside the Hostel rooms.
  • The boarders are not permitted to use drugs, intoxicants, tobacco and participate in gambling in any form



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