College Library

The name of the Malkangiri College Library is “Gangadhar Madhi Pathagara”. The Library contains books of different disciplines like English, Odia, History, Economics, Pol. Science, Edn., Sociology, Com. and some more books and journals, magazines of day-to-day needs. The College Library ordinarly opens at 10.30 am and closes at 4.30pm on all working days and remains closed on all sundays and declared holidays.

The students and staff of the college are entitled to be the members of the library. Besides the students & the staff any other persons with special permission of the Principal can use the college Library.

Every book added to the Library whether by purchase or otherwise shall be entered by the Librarian or the person-in-charge of Library in a catalogue under its proper head.


Each and every student joining in the college as a bonafied student shall be supplied with a library card on the production of fee receipt and identity card.

Library card in any circumstances is not transferable.     Incase of loss of the library card, a new card will be issued on payment of Rs.20/- only.


  • No book should be taken out unless it is entered in issue register and signed by the borrower.
  • Books can only be issued on working days.
  • Each borrower must examine the condition of the book (s) before they are issued, otherwise in case of mutilations the borrower will be held responsible and bear the cost of damange decided by the library authority.
  • Any person damanging or lossing a book shall have to pay the tripple cost of the book as mentioned in accession or replace it with similar value. In case of rare books the  Principal may charge any amount at his discrition.
  • Books shall be returned within the period allowed to a borrower.
  • Books should be returned before the college closes for a long vacation.
  • A student should ensure that his/ her name is written off from the register while returning a book. A fine of Rs.1/- will be charged per day for all cases of over due.
  • The Principal reserves the right to recall books from any of the members at any time he likes.
  • The maximum no. of books to be issued and the time to be books will be issued to them between 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm  on the next day of requisition.
  • Notice will be issued to the students to return all the books borrowed from the Library within a specified date before the form fill up for different annual exams. No student will be sent up for their exams and transfer certificae will be issued until    a clearance certificate to this effect is produced for the purpose from the Library.
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