1. Every Student will be assigned to a procter who shall al-ways be a member of the teaching staff.
  2. The students shall meet the procter atleast once a month or as many times as is necessary and discuss with him/ her the difficulties and problems.
  3. The student shall furnish required information to the procter for the maintenance of proctorial record.
  4. No student shall ordinarlily leave headquarters without informing the procter.
  5. No student can ordinarily meet the Principal on official matter without permission from the proctoer nor any application be submitted without recommendation by the procter.
  6. Any adverse report against students by the procter will be seriously viewed and dealt with accordingly.
  7. No help from any source from other forms or assistance will be given to a student unless recommended by the procter.
  8. The promotion in the college exam. and the issue of the final conduct and transfer certificates from the college will also be based on the proctorial record of a student during the period of his study in the college.
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